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Wafini X Dripada 500,000 $WFI Giveaway Contest

Wafini is an NFT Ecosystem built on top of the Cardano blockchain for discovering, trading, lending & Borrowing NFTs.

Wafini is on a mission to become the Go to NFT marketplace on Cardano as we aim to fill the needs and wants of the NFT community, which will evolve over time via direct user governance that will be facilitated by the $WFI tokens.

The Wafini X Dripada Contest

As we begin our mission to develop one of a kind NFT Ecosystem on Cardano, Wafini is partnering with Dripada for a giveaway contest where participants will stand a chance to get rewarded and win 500,000 #WFI tokens and 1000 ADA.

Get started on the Wafini & Dripada contest using the link:

The Purpose of the Contest

The purpose of this contest is to incentivize users to promote the Wafini Marketplace and Wafini Token while highlighting the precedence of the Wafini NFT Ecosystem.

The Contest will help put Wafini over all available social media platforms to reach keen and interested investors who would love to be a part of Wafini.

How To Participate On The contest

Interested participants of the contest can use the link to join the contest.

Each task has points that represent how many #WFI token can is earned on completion of the task.

Contestants can increase their points by sharing their referral links to gain extra points.

The winner of the contest will be the one with the highest points earned on the leaderboard.

Prize To Be Won

At the end of the contest, the highest point earner will win the ultimate contest price of 1000 ADA plus #WFI tokens earned, while every other contest participant will get rewarded according to the point earned.

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