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Hybrid's Odyssey: The Airdrop Adventure

Hybrid is an EVM-compatible Layer 1 blockchain enriched with specialized data layers for AI, and home to Atlas, our machine learning model, designed to deliver intuitive AI-driven analytics.

Welcome to "Hybrid's Odyssey: The Airdrop Adventure." This is your gateway to earning Hybrid Points and securing your spot in the upcoming $HYB airdrop. Dive into a series of engaging tasks designed to immerse you in the Hybrid ecosystem and reward your contributions.

Your mission is simple: engage with our community through various activities. Follow us on X (Twitter), share our posts, and take part in other social tasks to start accumulating Hybrid Points. Plus, you can boost your points tally by inviting friends to join the adventure.

We're keeping the journey fresh with new tasks added regularly. Keep this page bookmarked to never miss an opportunity to earn more points.

Here's what's at stake for our most dedicated adventurers:

  • Top 50 Users: Your efforts will be rewarded with twice the Hybrid Points you've earned.
  • Top 10 Champions: As a top contributor, you'll receive three times your earned Hybrid Points, highlighting your exceptional dedication.

    Embark on this adventure to gather Hybrid Points, bring your friends along for the journey, and aim for the top to maximize your rewards. Your path to the $HYB airdrop is paved with exciting challenges and rewards. Let the adventure begin!

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