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Sikka Protocol Giveaway

What is the Sikka Protocol?

Sikka Protocol provides a secure and reliable protocol solution for stablecoin Sikka. Users can borrow stablecoin Sikka using liquid staking tokens as collateral. Users can also supply stablecoin pairs to liquidity provided to yield farm and earn rewards...

What is stablecoin Sikka?

SIKKA is the stablecoin minted by the Sikka Protocol. SIKKA is always pegged to 1 dollar USD and its circulation is backed by over-collateralized assets.

Where do Sikka Yield Farming rewards come from?

Sikka protocol partners liquidity providers to provide a secure and reliable way to earn competitive APY. When users supply SIKKA and other stablecoin pairs to the liquidity pool, they receive rewards from LP transaction fees and Sikka Revenue Pool.

What is Sikka Revenue Pool?

Sikka revenue pool contains 2 types of income - liquid staking asset’s reward APY and Sikka borrow interest. Sikka Revenue Pool is distributed back to the liquidity pool to incentivize users to become liquidity providers.

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