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About Divi

A lightweight and efficient digital currency, operating proof of stake protocol, Divi is ready for the future of finance.


Anyone can harness the power of DIVI. Designed for humans, we’ve removed the common barriers to entry. We're in the business of making it easy.


We’re driven to create real solutions to significant issues. Our vision is clear. Create the most accessible crypto-ecosystem on the planet, through ceaseless innovation.


The Divi network is transparent and audited by third-party professionals. With an incredibly decentralized proof of stake network, you can trust your transactions are safe.


Secure our network with Divi Nodes or Divi Vaults. Put your assets to work, and earn DIVI for it.


We champion non-custodial and decentralized solutions. We never have access to your private keys or backups. With Divi, you're in control.


Divi everywhere is the goal. We create financial solutions that allow our users to operate seamlessly across ecosystems, no matter where you call home.

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