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Step App: Pre-Signup campaign

App Pre-Signup Now Live; Join to Earn $KCAL

The page went up an hour ago, with 20,000+ people on board already.

$KCAL tokens are the game asset. They are used to mint and maintain NFTs, among other functions. Some $KCAL tokens, to bootstrap, are given to early adopters in a fair mechanism.

- Sign-Up Page

- Begin earning FAT Points here. 

- Landing Page

- New community members can learn more here.

A. First Sign-Up to Start Earning FAT Points

You get some when you sign-up. More are trickled every day. You can earn much, much more by referring people to the app.

B. Then at $KCAL Genesis, Burn FAT Points

To avoid bots, some $FITFI tokens are needed to burn FAT Points and turn to $KCAL tokens. This event will take place on $KCAL launch day.

You can sign-up + refer already! 

FAT Points will start building up 1 week from now.

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