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Slingshot: Join Waitlist

1. Refer friends, unlock rewards

Earn fractionalized NFTs and BTC raffle passes when you refer friends using your unique referral link.

2. Move up the waitlist

Jump halfway up the list for every friend you invite. For example, if you are #100,000 in line and invite one friend, you will move up 50,000 spots!

3. Claim rewards at launch

You’ll be able to claim your rewards directly in Slingshot when you move off the waitlist and download the mobile app.

Access your waitlist dashboard

To ensure the safety of your rewards, your dashboard can only be visited through the access links sent to your email. You can find an access link in the welcome email with the subject line “It’s official. You’re on the list." You can also request a new link by visiting the homepage (slingshot. finance/mobile).

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