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Nest Protocol Airdrop Event

NEST protocol is the most secure oracle for building the subsequent breakthrough Defi applications. It is the first oracle network to generate and validate price data on the chain and has been running for more than 3 years. $NEST is already listed on reputable exchanges. (Huobi, Gate, MEXC, etc.) NEST partnership includes Coinbase, OKEX,, AU21, Huobi, etc.

Airdrop schedule

Round 1: May 9th — May 22th

Round 2: May 23th — June 5th

Round 3: June 6th — June 19th

Airdrop round 1

Join the airdrop bot here:

Total prize pool: Unlimited

There are referral rewards and random rewards, the rule list is as follows:

1. New Friend privilege:

The invitation count of new friends starts at 1 and reaches Level 0.

2. Referral reward:

According to the number of invitations, the referral reward level is determined. The more people you invited, the greater the probability and the amount of reward.

Level 0: if you are a new friend or invited 1 new friend to complete the registration in our bot, then you will have a 5% probability to get $1 NEST/USDT.

Level 1: Refer followers 3–10, 5% probability get a $3 reward.

Level 10: Refer followers more than 3000, 100% probability get a $1500 reward.


1. Complete registration in our airdrop bot.

2. Follow @nest_protocol

3. Join TG: &

4. Invite friends with your referral link.

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