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Cryowar x Trustpad Airdrop

 Cryowar is where High-end graphics meet Play to Earn on the Solana blockchain.

In this Competition, we are giving away a 1785 CWAR token airdrop to 100 Trustpad token holders with a minimum of 2500 $TPAD where the more entries you gain the greater your odds of victory are!

An additional 10 Allocation slots will be given away to 10 individuals who obtain the most entries but do not hold a Trustpad Tier.

Refer friends, join groups, and tweet about the project to increase your odds of victory.

Cryowar is all about competition so do your best and prove your valour!

NOTE: Airdrop Tokens Vesting: 3-month lock, then 25 % every 3 months (subsequent airdrop releases require 100% staking of prior release)

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