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Quiz tasks Answers for Decash Giveaway

1 - What are the names of the two people who sign the bottom of the CoinGecko account activation email?

the Answer : Bobby&TM

2- How many people like DeCash on CoinGecko?

the answer : You go to Coingecko from web and check it because it changes

3- What is the ratio {in %} of thumbs up after you put your opinion?

the answer : 7.3% (it also changes check % on coingecko)

4- What's is the Circulating Supply ?

the answer : 20357426

5- What's is the Maximum Supply ?

the answer : 50000000

6- Medium article

How many claps has this article received?

the answer : This one also change you check on the link on medium

7- Where does DeCash come from ? {country}

the answer : Switzerland

8- What is the name of the investment fund to which DeCash is linked?

the answer : Investigo

9- What is the main title of the 7th page of the whitepaper ?

the answer : Tokenomics

10- What is the first name of the founder of DeCash ?

the answer : Thiago

11- What is the first name of the co-founder of DeCash?

the answer : Knut

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