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WinPlay :Play and Earn Money


Play these games for a chance to win points. Every 24 hours we will reward the top 10 with the highest score with a reward in points. The leaderboard will then reset, giving you a new opportunity to win each day.

Daily Bonus

After successfully completing at least 1 action you will be able to claim a daily bonus inside the contest you're participating in, you can claim this bonus every 24 hours, make sure to take advantage of this to get a higher ranking on the leaderboard

Min-Game: Crypto Match

The game objective of Crypto Match is to earn the most number of points within the timeframe by aligning 3 or more crypto gems vertically or horizontally. You can move the crypto gems by using press and hold while moving them either up, down, left, or right. The crypto gems aligned will explode and other crypto gems will fall and fill up the spaces left. Once this happens, more time will be added to the game. A chain reaction can be initiated if the falling crypto gems align with 2 or more same crypto gems vertically or horizontally, gaining you more points and time.

Lucky Draw

• Users can enter the Lucky Draw by accumulating a specified number of points that goes into a pool.

• You may refer to each game to determine the number of points entering Lucky Draw.

• Once the pool reaches the set number of participants, our system will randomly select one user who gets the full pot- All of it, since we do not charge points.

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