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Top Airdrops You Should Look Out for in May 2020 Part-2

Airdrops are a handy way of getting some fresh coins into your portfolio at no cost. In the modern list, we'll be incorporating some of the most intriguing crypto airdrops you need to be on the lookout for this May.


Bankiom is a new type of bank, available only in digital form. The platform created to serve as an alternative to traditional banking and to simplify the access and use of banking facilities by making these services available exclusively online.

New accounts that created receive approval in 3 minutes, and users are also able to make loans as well as pay and receive payments by using WhatsApp.

Participation instructions

  • Access the Bankiom Airdrop page
  • Scroll down and create an account with your details
  • A referral link will be sent to your email
  • The first referral that you make will reward you with $20
  • The next referrals that you make will earn you $5 per referral
  • When Bankiom goes live, and your referrals create their Bankiom account, you will receive your referral in your Bankiom account.


  • Email Address

Estimated value: Referral 20 USD
End date: 20 May is the first Ethereum powered voice and video Program which allows users to monetize their time, knowledge, and expertise on a global scale. The Ethereum blockchain permits automatic payments from customers to contractors based on the predetermined speed and the length of the dialogue.

Experty is airdropping a total of 50,000 EXY tokens to all airdrop participants. Subscribe to the newsletter, and you follow the directions—complete straightforward tasks cited in the mail to obtain an equal share of this entire airdrop pool.

Participation instructions:

  • Visit the Experty airdrop newsletter page
  • Submit your email and sign up for the newsletter
  • You will receive a mail with guidelines and a link to a webpage With further measures
  • Complete the tasks mentioned on the page and submit your details
  • You'll get an equal share of this Complete airdrop pool (50,000 EXY) along with also a confirmation mail if your participation is successful
  • The distribution of these rewards will happen on 08.06.2020.


  • Email Address

Estimated value: N/A
End date: 25 May 


Storeum is A decentralized market where buyers and sellers from all around the world can connect.

Sellers may create their storefront with the Shop Builder stage, which has a diversity of qualities that may be retrieved for a minimal fee. A platform is a perfect tool for freelance entrepreneurs, small scale producers, family companies, in addition to crafts and arts funders. Some of the features contained in the platform are tools, such as direct client feedback, accounting, sales analysis, promotion, and promotion.

Participation instructions:

  • Go to the Storeum Airdrop webpage
  • Join their Telegram Group and place your view regarding the ST
  • Follow Storeum's Twitter and Retweet the trapped tweet and tag five friend
  • Subscribe to Storeum's Youtube Channel
  • Send your public ERC20 wallet address and other information Into the Airdrop page
  • Receive $50 worth of STO tokens.


  • Telegram Account
  • Twitter Account
  • Email Address
  • YouTube Account

Estimated value: $50
End date: 14 May

PAC Global

PAC Global is a digital payment System Linking not only Retailers and consumers but the business enterprise as well, using a quick, secure, and more cost-effective method to send money globally. They provide one of the world's most influential and secure masternode networks, which enables frictionless transactions globally and making them quicker, safer, and more economical.

PAC Global is airdropping 1,000 PAC tokens to Their members. Download their Program and sign up using our referral code to get the tokens. Additionally, earn 1,000 PAC for each referral.PAC is already listed on CoinMarketCap.

Participation instructions:

  • Download the PAC Global app (Android/IOS)
  • Submit your details and register
  • Confirm your mobile number
  • Submit this referral Code: WT46RS8W (Mandatory)
  • You will receive 1,000 PAC, which is reflected in the Program on the first day of next month
  • Proceed to your profile and click on your profile image to get Your referral code. Share it with your friends to earn 1,000 PAC for every referral.

NOTE: It is mandatory to submit an application code through Sign up to receive the reward.


  •  Email Address
  • App Install

Estimated value: 50 USD
End Date: 31 May 2020


MONEY TOKEN is a cryptocurrency that functions as a medium for trades in arbitrage between trades and for measuring other crypto coins.

During blockchain technology, Money Token can Provide secure storage options, besides, to direct and fast crypto trades to anybody, anywhere, and anytime.

Participation instructions:

  • Join the Money Token Telegram Group
  • Join their Telegram Channel
  • Follow their Twitter accounts And retweet the pinned post, label three buddies, and comment on the job
  • Receive 25 MNT [$50] for finishing all the tasks and 5 MNT [$10] for every valid referral
  • Invite a minimum of 4 friends by discussing your referral link To draw MNT.


  • Twitter Account
  • Telegram Account

Estimated value: 50 USD
End Date: 31 May 2020

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