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49 Useful Websites and Web Apps

We're using software every day, even if they're desktop, mobile, tablet computer, or internet applications. Many of us are based on these and we have to acknowledge that using them is now a lifestyle. We can't envision life with no email client or an internet sharing service. I want to share with you a few of the top-rated web applications and Websites. A number of them you're likely using previously and a few you'll surely try in the future.

1. - learn to speak Chinese, French, Spanish or any other language of your choice.

2. - find data hidden on your photos - see EXIF tools.

3. - the easy way to post and schedule updates on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, and Facebook. - broadcast yourself live over the Internet without any complicated installation.

5. - make disposable email addresses for putting inside sign-up forms.

6. - access other computers allow others to remote access your computer.

7. - create your comic strips with your characters and move them into any present. - design from scratch or re-model your home in 3D.

9. - a full-featured vector drawing tool that works everywhere.

10. lets you immediately edit PDF in the browser without Acrobat.

11. - create vector images and export them as SVG or PNG files.

12. - produce diagrams, wireframe, and flowcharts from the browser.

13. twitterbots - create your personal Twitter bots that can auto-reply, DM, follow folks, and more.

14. - make voice and video calls in your browser.

15. - learn the art of meditation, reduce stress, focus more, and sleep better.

16. - recognize text from scanned PDFs -- see other OCR programs.

17. - get files from anybody in your Google Drive with File Upload Forms.

18. - for sharing quite big files online.

19. — a directory of free online courses. - peer to peer file transfer over WebRTC with no mediator.

21. - discover museums, famous paintings, and art treasure from all over the world.

22. - like Apple AirDrop but for the Internet. Share documents right between devices in the same network without needing to upload them to some server first.

23. - step-by-step guides on the best way to build anything and everything.

24. - that the website lets you download free Kindle novels.

25. - make data-driven images, graphs, and infographics. Also, see and

26. - assess your writing for punctuation, style, and grammatical errors.

27. - create interactive wireframes and merchandise mockups.

28. - print music sheets, write your music online ( review).

29. — make marketing videos and branded stories for social media - interpret web pages, PDFs and Office documents.

31. - make your stock photos in high-resolution with custom backgrounds, versions, and facial expressions.

32. - create paintings and paintings with a vast array of brushes.

33. - Require bite-sized courses on a variety of topics, chapters are delivered by email daily.

34.  - discover new websites that are very similar to what you like already.

35. - send rich-text emails with Gmail email merge. - create mind-maps, brainstorm ideas in the browser.

37. - if you require a vacuum cleaner or an SD card, this is the very best product recommendation website on the Internet.

38.  - get color thoughts, additionally, extract colors from photographs.

39. - Create Amazon price watches and get email alerts when the prices fall.

40. - create beautiful graphics, presentations, resumes, and more with readymade template designs.

41. - download false information to fill the rows in your Excel spreadsheet.

42. - if your buddies are too lazy to use Google on their own. - A WYSIWYG editor to draw ASCII diagrams that you could embed in emails and tweets.

44. - when you want to locate the name of a song.

45. - a fresh alternative to google search that does not track you on the Internet

46 - View All of Your previous Google searches, also among the most significant Google URLs

47. - locate freelancers and topic experts to operate on any project.

48. - send internet fax for free - see more fax solutions.

49. - a massive collection of totally free films curated from YouTube.

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