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Top Airdrops You Should Look Out for in May 2020 Part-1

There are various jobs and startups from the crypto space that are holding airdrop campaigns to their customers. If you're looking to get some free tokens, then check out our listing that features the top airdrops of May 2020.


Ledger is a Famous Crypto wallet manufacturer, is known for supplying one of the best hardware wallets in the business. The company was based in 2014 in France by technology and security experts.

In celebration of its integration of this TRON crypto, Ledger Is hosting a contest where participants can endure to win $2,000 at TRX (4400 USD in TRX coins) and a Ledger Nano X with particular customization. 100 winners will be chosen randomly to receive the prizes.

Participation Instructions: 

  • Go to the Ledger x TRON Airdrop webpage
  • Create An account with your information and have your email confirmed
  • Complete Each of the social activities features to make points
  • Earn Another 100 points for each referral
  • 100 Winners will be selected at random from the qualified participants.


  • Email Address.
Estimated value: 4400$(Total)
End date: 18 May


Solana is A single-layer blockchain platform that has a capacity of 65k transactions per minute and 400ms block occasions in a global network comprising 70 nodes, with no sharding required to reach these speeds.

In cooperation with the popular Binance exchange, Solana will be hosting an airdrop where it's going to be giving away $20 worth SOL tokens to the first 1000 customers for finishing tasks.

Participation Instructions:

  • Sign up for an account in Binance
  • Go to the Solana Airdrop page
  • Subscribe to their newsletter
  • Combine Solana's Telegram Group
  • Follow Solana's Twitter
  • Proceed to the Primer and scroll down to finish the Solana Quiz
  • Send Your information into the airdrop page
  • The First 1,000 participants that complete all the jobs get $20 value of SOL every
  • For Each referral you make, you can make an additional $2 worth of SOL.


  • Telegram Account
  • Twitter Account
  • Email Address
Estimated value: 20$
End date: 15 May

3. Bitcoin Rhodium

bitcoin Rhodium is not a Fork of Bitcoin. It is a new crypto advantage, easy and transparent, with long-term eyesight for investors and scarcity to help drive its worth.
A total of 16,072 XRC is going to be airdropped to all qualified participants for the next cycle. Only hold XRC on your private wallet for 3 months to receive the rewards.

Participation instructions

  • Hold XRC in your private wallet such as Electrum, Internet wallet, etc..
  • Each cycle lasts for 3 weeks along with the rewards will be. Distributed within two weeks after the conclusion of every cycle.
  • There is no manual action required to receive the rewards.
  • Snapshot of the person balances will take place At the beginning and the conclusion of each 3-month cycle.
  • The closing snapshot for one cycle is also the opening Snapshot for another cycle.
  • There shouldn't be any incoming trade during the 3 month period.
  • The benefits will be based on the speech's initial balance For the period of time, irrespective of whether any extra XRC was added to it and also the total airdrop survey will be proportionally distributed to the total number of qualified participants.
  • To learn more regarding the airdrop see this article


  • wallet like Electrum, Web wallet
Estimated value: N/A
End date: N/A


Cartesi is A scalable and decentralized Linux infrastructure that allows blockchain developers to make many applications through the many mainstream computer software stacks available. Cartesi provides computational scalability and a growth environment to launch and run off-chain apps. The infrastructure benefit from the security provided by blockchain but has reduced fees and computation limits.

The most noteworthy features of Cartesi are:

  • Twist Two Platform: Linux on Blockchains;
  • Highly Scalable Computation: develop complex DApps;
  • Guaranteed Consensus with verification provided through the underlying blockchain;
  • DApps Transfer across distinct Blockchains;
  • Programmable DApps in any languages, libraries, support, or tools;

Participation Instructions:

  • Get into the Cartesi Giveaway page;
  • Produce An account with all the required information;
  • Follow Cartesi’s official Twitter;
  • Complete The other tasks posted on the airdrop page;
  • 20 Winners selected at random will be able to win $100 at CTSI Tokens each.


  • Twitter Account
  • Email Address
Estimated value: N/A
End date: 18 May

5.Bright Dream

Bright Dream is A social networking platform that can be used in multiple ways by individuals, such as discovering new job opportunities and linking with other folks.

The BDX AIRDROP offers 50 BDX for free to people who complete all the jobs and an extra 3 BDX for every referral that's legitimate.

All information sent will be Verified prior to the tokens are delivered to customers. When any scam is found, the user will be banned in the airdrop.

Participation Instructions:


  • Facebook Account
  • Twitter Account
  • Telegram Account
  • Youtube Account
  • Email Address.

Estimated value: 50$
End date: 31 May

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